The FTP Service of the CNIO allows sending large files, up to a maximum of 150 MB. After having sent the files, the addressee receives an email to alert that the files can be downloaded. The sender also receives an email that serves as a receipt.

After 15 days the files will be automatically eliminated.

To use this Service, the following information must be provided:

  1. Email of the sender: where the receipt will be sent
  2. Email of the addressee: where the alert is sent informing that there are files to be downloaded (maximum of 5)
  3. Brief text: where the contents of the files may be indicated
  4. Files that wil be sen (maximum of 5)

Fields marked with a * are mandatory

1. From

2. To

3. Brief text

4. FILES (Size < 150MB)

More Files
Less More
Less More
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